Saucy Artisan Pasta...

the best anywhere...


Fresh Pasta Made Daily.

We use premium non-GMO Durum Semolina Flour, local Free Range Eggs, Spring Water and Sea Salt in our regular pasta. Nothing more. We produce 20 different shapes, as well as infused pastas. 


Fresh Milled Tomato Sauce

Our sauce is fresh milled for us, using premium San Marzano tomatoes. We slow cook it with fresh herbs and produce, and premium, local, naturally raised meats


Fresh Made Lasagnas

Our Lasagnas are made in-house with our signature 5 Fresh Herb and Garlic infused pasta sheets, made on premises. We use fresh ricotta, premium cheeses in our 10 layer lasagnas

Handmade Quality

Each dish we create is made from scratch--our stuffed pasta fillings, our carefully crafted fresh milled sauces, and our spectacular array of fresh pastas.

Our premium ingredients include, non-GMO flour, spring water, sea salt, local free range eggs and chicken, local pasture raised beef, and local produce, in season.